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Before Surgery

Getting Ready for Surgery

Pre-operative Clearance

You must be seen by your primary care provider (PCP) within 30 days of surgery for an evaluation to be medically optimized and cleared for surgery. Your PCP will order blood tests, and EKG and any other necessary tests. You will also need to be seen by any specialists including cardiologist, pulmonologist, nephrologist, neurologist or pain specialist.

You will have a follow-up appointment before your surgery to review any questions and ensure all of your medical clearances are in order

If you have not obtained your medical clearances and testing, your surgery may be rescheduled

Financial Responsibility

Please contact your insurance company to obtain the estimated cost of your surgical procedure. Refer to the list of diagnoses and procedural codes that were selected at your visit.

Days Leading up to Surgery

Make sure that you are staying hydrated. Drink plenty of water or sports drinks like Gatorade.

Discontinue any anti-inflammatory medications (NSAIDs) 5 days before surgery

Take Tylenol 1000mg every 8 hours starting 3 days before the surgery (or earlier if needed)

Wash using Hibiclens (chlorexadine gluconate) soap. Focus on the operative shoulder, chest and back. Take one shower using the soap 2 days before surgery, 1 day before surgery, and then finally on the morning of surgery

  • Do not eat any solid foods after midnight
  • You may continue to drink liquids up until 6 hours before the time of your surgery
  • ALLOWED: water, tea or coffee (WITHOUT milk or cream), sports drink such as gatorade (not red colored), juices without pulp, ensure pre-surgery drink
Helpful Items

Some patients may find it helpful to order special shirts that make dressing/undressing a bit easier after shoulder surgery. These shirts are completely optional and NOT required. Many patients opt to just use a loose-fitting or button-down shirt for the immediate post-operative period. Should you desire to order a special shoulder shirt for your post-operative recovery, here are a couple of links at which you may do so:

Day of Surgery

  • Plan on having an adult drive you to and from the hospital
  • Follow above instructions for eating/drinking prior to surgery
  • Remove body piercings, rings or any jewelry
  • Leave all jewelry and valuables at home. 
  • Wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing to the hospital
  • Take medications as instructed by your primary care provider. Take only with a small sip of water. It is important to continue some medications, such as blood pressure medications before your surgery
  • You will arrive at the hospital 2 hours before your surgery. You will meet the team including: nurses, anesthesiologists and the surgery team.
    • Dr. Srikumaran’s surgical team includes: Physician Assistants (PAs), fellow (shoulder surgeon in training) and resident (surgeon in training)
  • You will receive medications (pending allergies) before your surgery
    • Medications that help with pain: Tylenol, Ibuprofen, Gabapentin
    • Antibiotic medication: Cefazolin and/or Vancomycin