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Before Your Appointment

Some Tips for Your Appointment

Prepare for Your Visit

Some preparation on your end can lead to a much more useful encounter with your orthopedic team and allow them to properly and thoroughly evaluate your condition

Know Your History
  • Complete paperwork or medical forms and questionnaires before your visit
  • Create a timeline of the events related to your problem or injury
  • Try to recall all the remedies and treatments you may have already tried
    • Include any medications, ice or heat, surgeries, etc.
Write Down Questions

Being in a doctor’s office can be overwhelming. To avoid forgetting to ask some of your questions, write them down before coming into the clinic

Bring Your Imaging or Other Test Results

Be sure to bring a copy of your x-ray, CT scan or MRI to your appointment. Often, these can all be placed on a CD by the site where your imaging was performed. Don’t rely on the center to send the images, often they only send a report

Your team wants to see the images and read the radiologist’s report, so please be sure to bring both

Bring a Family Member or Friend and Take Notes

Having someone else at your visit can help by reminding you about some of your questions and concerns to bring up with your physician

You or your partner can take notes to help you remember the details of your conversation with our team